12 Jul 2019

Garage DoorWhen it comes to choosing the new garage door, the level of security is the primary concern. Your garage door should have a security feature to prevent break-ins. You must choose the garage door made of top quality material that provides an improvement in the level of security offered. Here is an explanation on different door styles and their benefits in securing you.

Roller & Sectional doors

Automated roller and sectional doors don’t give intruders a clear point of entry. If you select roller door, ensure to choose the one with high-quality side rails, a steadfast locking system, strengthened top and bottom slats and made from double-skinned metal. On the other hand, the sectional doors are highly secure option because it combines lateral strength using a sturdy steel frame and an efficient seal.

Up & Over

When you choose the up and over style door, make sure you opt for the multi-point locking system and a euro cylinder anti-snap lock. Thus, you can rest with peace in your mind that your door would not be compromised if thieves attempt to drill the lock.


This door type is both practical and aesthetically pleasing, but you have to make sure to have sufficient security features installed to keep it secure. For this, choose the door with double skinned steel panels, and more than one locking mechanism to make it as safe as possible.


Boosted security is the significant benefit of automated doors. Due to the increased element of security, the automatic door is most chosen.

Now, you have an idea of how different types of garage doors play a significant role in securing you and your belongings. If you have decided which kind of garage door you want to install at your residential or commercial site, further we can help you. At Garage Door Expert in the GTA, we offer overhead door sale, inspection, installation and maintenance – all under one roof.