20 Nov 2017

How To Know Should I Repair Or Replace My Garage Door

The garage door is a pretty sound investment for the homeowners as it keeps the unauthorized theft at bay. But, the complication arises at that time when something went wrong with its functionality. There are numerous reasons why your valuable garage door is not working properly. Only an inspection can get you know whether to repair or replace your garage door. There are two chances, either a simple repair can deliver a smooth performance again or you have to invest in replacing the whole garage door.

Below differences will tell you whether you choose an option for repairing or replacing for your garage door:

When To Repair?

  1. Slow Movement

    With the passing time, the garage door can wear-out or break. You can either hire a garage door professional or tackle it manually with safe precautions.

  2. Misalignment

    Misalignment issue may be related to damaged garage door cables or springs. You can go with the repair option with a technician.

  3. Bent Tracks

    If you notice vent in tracks, you can easily fix it with the help of wrench or hammer. For the broken tracks, you must go with replacement.

  4. Jammed Garage Door

    There might be high possibilities garage door gets jammed, and this can be fixed by the professional with the help of tools, knowledge, and skills.

When To Replace?

  1. Damaged Garage Door

    A broken or damaged garage door needs an instant replacement on the instant basis.

  2. High Maintenance Cost

    After performing a number of repairs, your garage door is not giving you up to mark performance, then its time to replace it.

  3. Damaged Panel

    A damaged panel in garage door is a complex problem and it’s better to replace the whole structure rather than going with a small repair.

  4. Old Aging Signs

    It’s normal to have cracks and worn-out parts if you are living with old garage door. It’s better to replace the garage with the new piece as it will enhance the curb appeal of your home.