Garage Door Operators An overhead door is an inevitable part of every business. When it fails to open or close property, it not only hampers your business activities but also cause a lot of inconvenience. So, it is advisable to take good care of your commercial garage door openers. By installing your door opener from Garage Door Experts, you get an efficient door system that comes with our guarantee for durability and performance. Our automatic door operators are meant to deliver safe and optimal performance everyday, so you can run your business operations without any hassle. We make sure that the openers we install meet all your requirements and offer trouble-free operation for years to come.

If you want to improve the safety and extend the life expectancy of your system, we recommend using a single manufacture for both door and opener. We stock a wide range of commercial and industrial doors and operators specifically designed for important applications. Here you can find a complete line of electric automatic doors to fit new construction, retrofit applications or any particular requirements.


The new RHX® heavy duty commercial operators from Overhead Door Corporation are designed to offer reliable and simple operation for the most strict applications.


This standard-duty, rolling-door commercial operator is the perfect example of state-of-the-art performance. It is designed to offer superior level functionality for demanding applications.


This belt-driven, medium-duty garage door opener is one of the most advanced products. It is easy to install and offer hassle-free operation.


This opener is available in three sizes – Medium (M), Standard (S) and Standard With Hoist (S-H). This operator is suitable for limited-space settings.


The CDX™ counter door commercial operators from Overhead Door Corporation provide is known for its durability and reliability. This operator is UL 325 2010 compliant.

At Garage Doors Expert, our commercial door opener delivers security & reliability for many business applications. We will not only help you select the best automatic operator for your business, but will also help in its installation. Our technicians have the techniques and equipment to install any type of opener in a timely and professional manner.

Want an Efficient and Reliable Automatic Operator for Your Commercial Garage Door?