10 Jun 2016
Don't Ever Take Your Decisions Based On These Garage Door Myths!

When it comes to garage door buying, repair, replacement or installation services, a lot of myths occupy the minds of owners, making their decision making even more tougher. Garage door has a lot of moving parts and comes in a wide variety of models having different features, which makes it difficult for a common man to get all the facts right.

One should not cater to such myths as one has no idea, if they are true or not. In such cases, professional advise is a must. Garage door professionals will not only clear all these doubts but also provide useful tips to improve the working of the garage door.

Garage Door Myths & Facts

Myth-All garage doors are same and have no difference in them.
Fact– This just can’t be true as it would not make any sense to create different garage doors then. All garage doors differ greatly in their features, appearance and qualities.

Myth– All garage doors are noisy.
Fact– To some extent it is true but then again, the noise factor differs greatly from brand to brand and model to model. All garage doors make noise but it is the quality of material, which makes all the difference and yes, please consider the price factor too!

Myth-Garage doors don’t require any maintenance at all.
Fact– Can this be true really? Can there be anything in this world which goes on working for years without needing any repair or maintenance? This is just not true as regular inspection and maintenance is a must for the smooth functioning of a garage door.

Myth-All garage door companies work in the same way.
Fact– False! No two companies can have the same style of working. Every company has their own set of rules and also the experience and skills of the workers differ a lot.

Myth– Repair is always a better option.
Fact– Not true at all! There are times when a garage door part gets too much torn or worn out that repairing it would invite even more trouble in the coming future. In such cases, replacement is the only option. Just because repair costs less, it should not be preferred every time!

Myth– Automatic garage doors are not better than manual garage doors.
Fact– How can this be true? When something is coming out with the latest features and designs, how can it not work better than the previous traditional models. Automatic garage doors provide more comfort, features and security as compared to the manual garage doors.

Myth– All brands have the same thing.
Fact– False! No two brands can ever be the same. They always differ in the quality of material used, price, features etc. Quality and features come at a price and it all depends on how much you pay for the features and the quality of your garage door.

Are You Still Having Some Confusion?

If you still have any confusion regarding garage door repair, replacement or installation in Toronto, feel free to talk to Door Expert professionals. We would not only clear your doubts but also guide you to take care of your garage door in the best possible manner.