25 Jan 2017

Overhead Door Trends To Watch Out For In 2017

Your garage door is an important component that complements your house, not diminish it. It is similar to your home appliances and other home belongings that you choose for your convenience. Overhead door designs and styles keep on changing time to time.

As a homeowner or business owner, you need to keep your mechanism door updated to give a new and modern and stylish look. A medieval door looks disgusting and awkward. A number of overhead door tends to come and go. It is not easy to update your mechanism door with every trend as they are expensive to get them replaced every year. This year, several homeowners are striving to enhance the value and curb appeal of their property. One of the best ways to do this is installing a new garage door. The garage door is something that takes up 40-50% of a house’s facade. So, a door can really make or break your home’s overall appearance.

    1. Faux wood: As your main entrance wooden doors provides a sense of elegance and aesthetic look to your house, same goes for the garage doors. Faux wooden doors are the perfect for your garage. There are several garage door companies who provide you both steel and fiberglass doors that looks exactly wood. Wood material offers a soft and fine finish to your garage’s creativity.
    2. Larger doors: ‘Bigger is better’ this statement is true for overhead doors. Many homeowners like to give preference to large doors to make the space incredibly functional for easy vehicle entry. A larger door offers a deception of more area within your house. When it comes to installing a new large door, you need help of a professional because he will guide you with easy installation solutions.
    3. Painting: Many homeowners cannot afford a new door to ruling new trends. For those, there is an easy way to provide a beautiful and pleasant look to your garage and that is painting. Yes, you can give a new look to your garage door by painting the door with a new paint.
    4. Larger windows: This is another popular trend that can enhance the look of your garage. You can install large windows into your garage doors. Along with larger doors, larger windows too provides an appealing look. These windows tend to enhance the natural lighting in the garage. It will give you an open look that makes the garage look even more bigger.
    5. Unique styles: Instead of copying a door style from your neighbor’s, friend’s or colleague’s overhead door, do something which can itself become a trend. A few overhead door styles are farmhouse, comptemporary, French, carriage design and Spanish styles. You can choose anyone of them and can remodel it with your own innovative idea to give a unique look to your present garage door.

These are the few garage door trends that you will look in this upcoming year. You can give a new look to your door by following these trends. Garage Door Experts is a garage door repair, installation and replacement company that offer you all kinds of garage door services.