13 Dec 2016

How To Get Your Overhead Door Ready For Winter

Winter season can bring the cooler temperature and the extreme weather conditions. That is why, when you perform a seasonal maintenance on your home, it is crucial to remember to prepare your overhead door for the winter season. Your garage door is the primary line of defense between your home and the outside elements. By having a properly sealed overhead door, you can keep snow and heavy rains from flooding the garage.

The cold weather maintenance procedure includes proper lubrication, check springs, cables and other parts of the garage door. Getting prepare the door early on can save you bucks and time by preventing the need for costly repairs. A garage that gets too cold can damage not only your vehicle, in fact, it is dangerous for the equipments that you have stored in it.

Winterizing your overhead door is a vital part of overall home upkeep for various reasons such as safety, security, energy efficiency and avoiding unnecessary maintenance costs.

  1. Get an insulated garage door: If you don’t have an insulated overhead door, it is time to think about it. Whether you renewed the insulation of your garage door last year or not, like weather stripping, insulation deteriorates over the time. That is why it is important to check on the insulation.
  2. Lubricate all moving parts: This is something that you do every season. Properly lubricate all the moving parts will help the door for proper functioning and also help in extending the life of your door system. All the moving parts should be cleaned and lubricated before starting the winter season.
  3. Inspect the drive track of the door: It is crucial to do a double check when things are nasty outside. Inspect the drive track once every six months and make sure it works properly. If you notice any sign of damage or suspect the bent track, contact to a professional for repairs before further use.
  4. Repair or replace the door: If your overhead door creates problem while you open and close it, it is important to have it repaired before you have to deal with any other serious problem. As a homeowner or business owner, you don’t want to be stuck in the garage when trying to operate the door manually. Repairing or replacing the old door is one the best solutions to prevent any kind of issue.
  5. Fix or replace weatherstripping: Weather stripping plays an important role keep the air outside the garage. With the passing of time, the seal can become brittle and cracked and allows air to make its way between the door and the frame. If you notice air seeping into the garage, it is vital to replace it with a new one as soon as possible.

Getting your overhead door ready for winter can be done in a weekend and the benefits will last all season. If you don’t have enough time to inspect or maintain your door for the winter season, don’t worry. You can call us at Garage Doors Expert, we will help you to winterize your door.