07 Apr 2017

4 Perks Of Tuning Up A Garage Door In Toronto

Garages are often those portions that experience much of the heat and beat compared to rest of the home. Though garage doors are used seldom times a day, their looks and maintenance is usually ignored. Alike an attractive architectural design provides luxury to a property, modern overhead doors are responsible for boosting the curb appeal. This is the reason why you should schedule a garage door tune up to enhance its beauty and performance.
Some benefits that can be enjoyed by tuning up an overhead door are:

  1. Improves Safety
    After five to seven years of installation, various door components get cracked or damaged due to regular use and wear-tear. Moreover, as garage doors are heavy, they tend to cause severe injuries from pinches to fractures. They are often more dangerous, if the torsion springs are worn or cracked. By inspecting and tuning up a garage door, a homeowner can improve its level of safety and security. A properly installed overhead door with correct alignment, tight hardware, brand new springs and lubricated rollers can greatly prevent the door from falling or causing injuries.
  2. Quiet Operation
    If your overhead door makes weird noise whenever it’s raised up, it may be in need of lubrication. A broken chain or spring could be the reason behind the off balance that usually results in extreme noise. Calling a garage door repair professional to perform a tune up can fix this noisy issue.
  3. Increase Lifespan
    By getting your overhead door installation tuned up by a professional, a homeowner can add years to its life. This is because a tune up ensures that all the hardware elements are safe and functioning as desired. By replacing the worn out parts, the excess burden on other components gets reduced that often results in effective performance and increased garage door lifespan.
  4. Saves Money
    With periodic overhead door tune up, a homeowner can save money, hassles and time. If you are maintaining the door components and hardware, there will be fewer risks for damages. This will ultimately lead to fewer repairs, that in turn helps in saving money.

These are the few benefits offered by regular garage door tune ups. If you need to replace or upgrade your existing installation, feel free to consult our technicians at Door Expert.