29 May 2018

Garage Door For Summer MonthThe cool breeze is all gone now and its time to prepare for the hot and humid summer months. Summers are often harsh on both natural and man-made home elements, especially those exposed to direct sunlight like garage doors. No matter, which door style or material you own, prolonged heat can be tough on all makes and models. To prevent door malfunctioning and repair, it’s important to do some prior repairs and touch-ups which can regulate the overhead door performance.
Some ways to prepare your doors for summer include:

  • Clean & Polish It
    Most possibly, homeowners use a garage for car parking while others may use it as an outdoor gym or playing space. Whatsoever be the use you are making out of it, your garage door and the garage itself are not the cleanest areas of your home. To ensure a smooth door operation, consider cleaning the door and its components frequently. Remove the excess of debris, dust and grease which gets collected on the panels and tracks.
  • Lubricate With Oil
    To prevent a weird sound which comes while opening or closing door, lubricate all the moving components such as rollers, tracks and hinges. This provides the right friction your door needs and ensures a smooth and noise-free movement. Always use a lubricating oil that is specially designed for overhead door lubrication.
  • Tighten Nuts & Bolts
    Check the bolts at the back of the track and make sure none of them are loose. Not only is this a maintenance concern, but it’s important for safety as well. The last thing you need is for the garage door to fall and damage your car or injure someone.
  • Check For Wear & Tear
    Due to extreme temperature and direct sunlight, garage door opener cables are prone to frays and cracks. This may risk your safety as the door may come falling down, in case any of the wires break. To stay on a safer side, it is important to inspect all component at least once in a month for any wears and tears. Hire an overhead door repair professional for effective repairs and replacements done in a safe way.

So, these were some easy ways to prepare your doors for the oncoming summers. If you are really concerned about your overhead doors durability and integrity, feel free to contact our team of technicians at Garage Doors Expert for routine maintenance and inspection.