15 May 2017

4 Things You Should Try With A Stuck Garage Door

From the past few years, garage doors have transformed themselves a lot. They have updated their looks, style, functions and performance to automatic mechanisms that makes these installations easy to operate. Modern overhead doors are lot more than just up and down moving objects. They not only provide safety to your vehicle, but also improves the aesthetic appeal of your property. Nowadays, market is flooded with insulated overhead doors that are beneficial in cutting down the energy costs and utility bills. They also include features like remote mechanism, and resistance to power outages, along with improved durability and better life.

Some amazing facts about modern doors that you may not be aware of are:

  1. Enhance the appeal of your home

    Garages are often constructed facing the street view. This is the reason why overhead doors are the foremost element that a visitor notices while entering your property. By choosing to install a new garage door, a homeowner can enhance the curb appeal of his home. It is also a great way to freshen up the boring looks of your garage.

  2. Helps in improving the resale value

    If you are looking to sell your home in the coming months, then replacing your existing overhead door installation can help a lot. A brand new automatic door installation is proven to increase the real estate value of your property to around four percent.

  3. Saves energy and utility bill charges

    Since all modern doors come with insulation features, they prevent the need of installing a heater or air conditioner inside the garage. This means that a homeowner can end up saving money against high utility and energy bills. This a common reason why people prefer installing insulated doors.

  4. Protects your vehicle against natural elements

    Natural disasters and extreme weather conditions such as, hurricanes and storms can cause great damage to your home and garage. But, this situation can be prevented. Thanks to durable door materials that are used to manufacture sturdy garage doors which protects your home against tides.

  5. Reflects your personal style & looks

    Nowadays, garage door companies are manufacturing various door styles and patterns like contemporary, sectional, up and over, roller and many others. These amazing doors can surely upgrade the looks of your property. One can select an overhead door category based on his personal choice or complement designs that suits his home appearance.

These are some facts related to modern overhead doors. If you are planning to buy a new garage door, we can help you. Our installers at Garage Doors Expert can replace and install any overhead door.