Is Your Garage Doors Remote Not Working ?

Garage Doors Remotes When you need a new garage door remote clicker, our experts can give you advice on what type will be best for you. We can help you meet your security and convenience needs with the right garage door remote clicker. For garage door remote repair or garage door remote replacement, trust us with all your other garage door needs.

We can help you choose the right type of garage door remote clicker. The main types of garage door remote controls are:

Traditional Garage Door Remote

A traditional garage door remote clicker uses a single code that transmits each time you push the button to activate the opener. They are made to match up with the opener they are sold with.

Universal Garage Door Remote

A universal garage door remote clicker can be programmed to work any garage door opener. The clicker is considered to be the only true universal remote.

Rolling Code Garage Door Remote

The two most common rolling code remotes are the Liftmaster Security and the Genie Intellicode. The technology in these remotes avoids tracing and copying of remote signals by criminals by changing the code every time the button is pushed to open the door.

Multi Code Garage Door Remote

Another way to increase security is by using multi-code technology, sending out multiple frequencies at one time. This uses several frequencies of codes to make it more secure.Our professional team can help you with garage door remote clickers that garages use. We are ready and willing to help you today! Please call us 1-866-937-5701 or come by the office so we can serve you.