26 Sep 2018

4 Ways to Prevent Garage Door From Tiny Critter & Windy Drafts No doubt, garage door pays value to your home if you maintain it properly. It is a great way to store your necessary material with security such as your vehicle, garden accessories and other tools. Sometimes, the uninvited guest completely destroys your garage door appearance. These guests are tiny critters and drafts from weather change which may go inside from the bottom or affect the material.

Fortunately, you have a comprehensive solution to this problem. As given below, you have four techniques to prevent your garage door from the unwanted weather effects.

  • Garage Door Bottom Seal
    The garage door bottom seal is manufactured by using the heavy-duty rubber. This can be fixed at the bottom edge of the garage door. Additionally, bottom seal cushions are flexible conform to uneven surface and ensure to keep away the breeze and bug.
  • Garage Door Threshold Seal
    Virtually, it is 1/2″ high, threshold seal prevents the floor from caulk and liquid nails. It works like creating a tall barrier for water, dirt, pesky creature and snow.
  • Garage Door Weatherstrip
    When it comes to protecting the entire perimeter of your door, traditional garage door weatherstripping is a good option. The vinyl weatherstripping can be installed on the top and sides of the garage door to prevent moisture and render drafty air to pass through.
  • Garage Door Brush Seal
    Manufactured with long bristles, the brush seals prevent air movement as well as confirm the uneven surface. It is taken as the better option than vinyl and rubber seal to keep the drafts and debris out of your garage.

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