24 Apr 2019

Noisy Garage DoorOver time, all garage doors shake and make noise that irritates you and your neighbour. Although this unpleasant noise is annoying, it indicates further damages to your door. The main reasons behind the noisy overhead door are lack of lubrication, low maintenance, worn out spring, loosen nuts & bolts and more.

So, when your garage door releases the noise, it requires your attention. To make your door soundproof, you need to follow the below tips:

  • Tighten Nuts & Bolts
    Inspect, if the loose nuts and bolts are the reason behind the noisy garage door and tighten them all using the right tools. Remember to tight them accurately because over tight nuts and bolts will not work correctly.
  • Replace The Torsion Spring
    Worn out spring is another reason behind the squeaking overhead door. To handle this, you need to replace the torsion spring as well as check the other parts like rollers, chain and track that create noise over time.
  • Lubricate The Door
    Dry parts of your door make noise when you operate it. So, you should lubricate the garage door each part such as springs, track, roller, cable, hinges, etc. Make sure to operate your door for sometime after lubrication.

The simple tips mentioned above can lower the noise effectively. In case, you find yourself unable to handle a noisy garage door then we are here for you. At Garage Door Expert, our team of professional overhead door technicians in the GTA can entire problems with all make and model of garage doors. We provide 24/7 emergency and same day services, call us anytime.