29 Aug 2018

Why My Garage Is Not Able To Open And Close? Top 4 ReasonsGetting a problem with opening and closing the garage door is one of the common problems. There can be any small or big reason behind this like any electric issue within its motor that may be risky to check. When you are getting any problem with your garage door, it is advisable to check it initially. If you neglect the problem, it could cause a big damage.

If you try to deal with it by yourself, you may make the problem worst. So, it will be better to first detect the cause of a problem before applying the solution.

  • Check The Batteries
    The first and foremost thing you need to do is check the batteries’ life, it may be dead. The simple and common problem can be sorted out by changing the batteries.
  • Track Out Of The Alignment
    When your track is out of the alignment, it can create a problem to open and close the garage door. It may also cause the damaged and warped garage door. One should consult with garage door specialist to repair it as soon as possible.
  • Winter Jammed
    Due to the winter season, the garage door metals and component may get jammed and stop to move the door around. This can be sorted out by warming up the door jammed area.
  • Check The Motor
    Check the motor, if it is running well but unable to move the door then the problem is disconnected switch. This issue arises when you accidentally activate the switch. To repair this, you can either deactivate the switch or call for the garage door repair specialist.

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