02 Mar 2017

4 Things You Should Try With A Stuck Garage Door

Imagine the situation, when you came home after a day full of hard work to find that your garage door is stuck. There are many reasons that can degrade the door performance and compel it to become faulty. Fortunately, one can call in garage door technicians to overcome the repair issues. Before hiring professionals, inspect the installation thoroughly to notice any signs of damage or loose hardware.

Few tips that should be followed with a stuck garage door are:

  1. Make Sure The Door Isn’t Locked

    Many a time, people forget to unlock the garage door before trying to open it. A locked door will not open up, no matter you are using a remote or pulling it manually. With so many things running in mind, homeowners usually doesn’t notice that they haven’t opened the lock installed on the overhead door. A quick inspection can help in solving this issue.

  2. Try Opening It Manually

    Whenever you find that your garage door is stuck, get inside the garage through the small opening that is attached to your home’s interior and try to open the door manually. This is done by pulling the red colored emergency cable that is located near the overhead door opener. Once the automatic mechanism is deactivated, lift up the door carefully. If it succeeds in opening this way, there is surely some issue with the opener.

  3. Check the Garage Door Track

    If you’re still having trouble opening the door automatically, inspect its rails and tracks. Check to see, if there is any dirt and debris buildup. No matter, small or large, obstructions are responsible for preventing the rollers from moving smoothly along the tracks. Look at the tracks thoroughly for any dents or bumps. If they are present, place a wooden block against the interior side of the track and knock out the dent using a hammer.

  4. Check The Remote Batteries

    One of the common reason for a faulty door is old remote batteries that inhibit the opener functions. There are chances that you might not have changed the batteries from a long time that lead to the sudden failure of the remote. Whenever your automatic overhead door stops functioning, replace the remote batteries. If it still doesn’t operate, call in a garage door repair expert.

Garage door are heavy elements that are found in almost every home or commercial space. Its advised not to opt for DIY repairs for this large opening. Instead, call in garage door specialists in Toronto for quality repairs and replacements.