12 May 2016
Possible Reasons For Your Garage Door Failure!

A garage door adds curb appeal to the house apart from providing security to the garage. Garage door involves the working and coordination of a lot of parts for a successful movement. When any of these parts get damaged or fails to operate, it directly affects the working of the garage door.

So, it is always advisable to have your garage door inspected on regular basis to avoid any inconvenience in the future. If your garage door is not working, check out the following possible reasons and get it resolved accordingly.

Reasons For a Garage Door Failure:-

  • Batteries!

You are pressing and pressing the button of your garage door remote but nothing is happening. You go and check the garage door to see if everything is fine or not. Most of the people will do this and never try to check the batteries. Batteries don’t last forever and needs replacement over the period of time.

  • Misaligned Track

A garage door depends greatly on the movement of track and rollers. If the track gets misaligned, it will restrict the movement of the garage door. Also, try to look for any debris or dust that might be restricting the track or rollers movement. It is a serious issue and professional help should be taken at the earliest.

  • Damaged Spring or Cables

A garage door is a not very light material and involves a lot of force in its working. This force is not provided by the opener but the cables and springs.If the cables or springs get damaged, it will stop the functioning of the garage door. Check the condition of the cable and springs once in a week, as they are prone to a lot of wear and tear too.

  • Failed Auto-Reverse Mechanism

If your reverse mechanism is not working fine, chances are that your garage door will not open or close properly. This technique is used to protect the garage door from crushing anything while it is moving by sensing the object. A failed mechanism can get unpredictable and is also a risk to your family and vehicle. Take professional help for getting the reverse mechanism back on track.

  • Lack Of Maintenance

It has been said so many times that a regular inspection and maintenance is a must for your garage door. It is a mechanical thing and is subject to a lot of wear and tear with the passing of time. Regular inspection and maintenance will help in identifying the problems at the earliest and save you from getting it replaced all the way.

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