06 Jun 2017

How to Select the Right Garage Door Extension Springs?

Garage doors are one of the important home elements that are installed to provide security and protection to a vehicle. They are composed of several moving components which are assembled together to make a door operate. Torsion and extension springs are among those crucial parts. Springs are constituents of a garage door opening system that performs the essential role of lifting, carrying and opening an overhead door. Before you opt for buying an extension spring, its important to know about the basic information and functions they perform.

Types of Garage Door Springs:

  • Extension Springs: Almost all overhead doors come with a pre installed extension spring that is generally attached on the side of the door. They are located on the door side and extends horizontally whenever a garage door is allowed to close. They are easy to install and have a lifespan based on the usage.

  • Torsion Springs: All residential and commercial garage doors compose of torsion springs which are located at the upper part of the door. They don’t extend and contract every time the door is operated. Torsion springs provide a better performance, safety and balance compared to extension springs.

    In order to get access to a fully functional door, its advised to get the right garage door extension springs.

  • Some factors to consider before buying a door spring are:

    • Door Weight: Since springs are designed to carry the entire door weight, its advised to choose the most durable brands. Extension springs are one of the garage door elements that damage easily and asks for frequent replacement. To prevent faulty overhead doors, its important to choose an ideal extension spring based on the weight of the door it is being installed upon.

    • Door Height: The more the height of a garage door, the longer the extension spring are required. Make sure that the stretching capability of the spring is relevant to the door height.

    These are some of the aspects that needs to be evaluated before buying a residential garage door spring. If you are looking for a reliable overhead door company to replace torsion and extension springs, look no further than our garage door repair professionals at Garage Doors Expert.