14 Nov 2018

How To Handle The Problem With A Garage Door Photo-EyeYou must know the risk of having problems with the garage door photo eyes. In fact, if you have installed the electric garage door, surely the biggest problem will be none other than photo-eye. The photo eye has the sensors that detect whether there is anything or anyone in the path of the overhead door before closing it. Nowadays, almost all doors are designed with the automatic reverse mechanism. Undoubtedly these are helpful for giving us ease to operate it. But, it could be dangerous if you neglect its care.

  • What is Photo Eye?
    The photo-eye reversal system uses the two units, these are placed at the distance of six inches of the ground to any side of the door along with the track. These are attached to the opener motor and an invisible beam passes through when the garage door opens. At the moment, the garage door is going to close and anyone goes to interrupt with this, the door will go to reverse.
  • How It Is Dangerous?
    Just imagine, your garage door photo-eye is not working. At one time, when it is going to close and you suddenly come in its path. Surely, it will not go reverse and you may get a hit.
  • Why Photo Eye Stops To Work?
    All of a sudden, when you notice your garage door photo-eye is out of order, you will wonder for the reason. It may you have bumped the overhead door that may hit the eye of your garage door and make it misaligned. Additionally, it could be the aged garage door.
  • Fixing The Photo-Eye Issues
    Often people prefer to clean it and remove the dust and debris. It is better for the maintenance purpose. In order to repair the photo-eye issues, you have to hire the garage door specialist.

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