11 Dec 2017

5 Wise Tips To Keep Your Garage Safe This Holiday Season

During holidays, we usually remain busy in shopping for gifts, arranging the Christmas party and attending the kids and more. Among these preparations, a garage is the most overlooked part of every property. If you don’t want any mess during the Christmas party, it’s crucial to make use of few safety measures. Moreover, you must go with regular inspection and repair for all the door damages with the help of a professional technician.

You can also try below garage safety tips to enjoy your holiday time with your family members:

  1. Don’t Forget To Close It

    When you are making preparations for the party, not forget to push the button to close the door. As your garage door is the biggest moving part but if it left opened, then your home can become a case of burglary. Moreover, it’s advised to keep your valuables at some hidden place during holidays.

  2. Use Good Light Source

    Making use of the good light source is crucial for your home safety. On these special days, you must fill your garage space with lights. This will make the intruders not to hide inside it and perform any kind of crime.

  3. Hide Remote Control

    Make sure to hide your remote control at a place where theft can’t reach. If your remote control comes in the hand of the criminal, then they can easily enter your garage space with a single push of a button. In a minute, an intruder will steal all your valuables like purses, laptops and more.

  4. Install Keypad The Door

    You must install a keypad on your garage door as this wireless option can save you from the catch of the theft. Even, this wireless option is more secure than carrying a remote with you.

  5. Inspect & Maintenance

    The last thing you have to do is to perform inspection and maintenance to the doors. If you are living with weak garage door, then your criminals can easily break it in some seconds.

These are few tips that keep you secure during this big celebration day. For proper garage door inspection and repair, you can call our skilled technicians at Garage Doors Expert.