17 Sep 2016

An Automatic Garage Door

A beautiful overhead door enhances the overall value of your property, whether it is a commercial door or a residential door. Apart from the security reason, an automatic garage door offers you a plenty of various benefits in terms of convenience and aesthetic aspects. The greatest advantage of having an automatic door that you don’t have to get out of your car and open the door manually. Just press the button and the door will open.

Here is a list of pros and cons of the advantages of an automatic garage door that help you make your final decision.


  1. Style options
    Style is the first thing come into your mind when you think about to buy a door for your garage. An automatic garage door has several options when it comes to buying a stylish door. The door is available in some popular materials such as aluminum, steel, fiber glass and wood composite. The traditional garage door or old fashioned carriage style opening is still available. But an automatic overhead door is that complements the appearance.
  2. Convenient
    Manual doors not come with remote controls, meaning you need to get out of your car to open and close the door. But Automatic garage doors come with a remote control. Means, you can operate the door with just a single button click.
  3. Safety and security
    You operate your garage door several times in a single day. Homeowners who go out of their house during odd hours are vulnerable to crime. To prevent any crime to happen, they switch to security options. By having an automatic overhead door, you can sure to close the door properly and protect the property from intruders.


  1. Maintenance
    A regular maintenance is crucial to make sure that electrical part of the door is working properly. In some cases, you need help of a professional to diagnose the problem with an automatic door.
  2. Electric and remote problem
    Almost every automatic garage door is electric powered. In the case of power outage, the door becomes useless. A remote control makes everything easier for you. But if once the remote broken or lost, you are not able to operate the door.
  3. Cost
    With so many features, it is very easy to guess that these doors are expensive as compared to traditional or manual door. If any part of the door broken or fail to perform, the repair or replacement of door parts is a little bit expensive.

Make sure to weigh all these advantages and disadvantages of an automatic door before making your decision. When it comes to buying a new garage door, it is highly recommended that you choose the door that reflect the value of your house. To know more about it, feel free to call Door Expert in Toronto.