24 Jan 2019

7 Reasons Your Garage Door Is Not Working ProperlyThe malfunctioning garage door is one of the most frustrating issues. If your garage door is not closing, it is a problem as well as a safety concern. On the other side, if you just started to use your overhead door after weather improvement, the weather effects could be the common reason behind it. To fix the issue, you will first need to find the exact problem. Here are a few factors which are the cause of a garage door malfunctioning.

  • Batteries In Transmitter/Remote Are Dead
    Dead batteries of the remote or transmitter are the common reason that you often overlook. To fix this issue, you will need a screwdriver to open and change the batteries.
  • Off Track Alignment
    Due to the misalignment, the garage door will not be fastened on the rails, and the rollers will be not be contacting. To get rid of this issue, you need professionals assistance.
  • Transmitter Is Not Working
    There are two reasons when your transmitter stops functioning. One is, it could be out of range with your garage door. Another is the antenna could be obstructed.
  • Photo-Eye Issue
    A photo eye sensor works when the beam from one eye contacts to another one to operate your door. Meanwhile, if the system finds something in its path, it will not run. You need to clean it.
  • Broken Torsion Springs
    When you find the transmitter is working correctly, but the garage door is not working, the problem could be a broken spring. Without spring, your door will be struggling to operate it. So, better is to take the professional help.
  • The Cable Or Tension Spring Breakdown
    Cables and Tension Springs works to down your garage door conveniently. If your garage door slams down, it is a sign for cable or tension spring break down.
  • Garage Door Was Locked Manually
    In case, the motor runs for some seconds before getting off, and the garage door is not opening, it could be locked manually. So check and try to open it again.

As stated above, most of the issues require the help of garage door repair specialist. So, feel free to contact Garage Door Expert. We offer high-quality 24/7 garage door services in the GTA. Call Anytime!