28 Aug 2021

When is The Right Time to Get a New Garage Door?Are you worried about the garage doors? Is it too old? Or is it too rusty and damaged? Or, you just want to upgrade your garage doors? Reasons can be many, but replacing the garage door after a certain period of time is a good idea. This ensures that you take care of your security and safety too.

If you are confused about the right garage door for you and do not know which one to replace with, then we are here to help you sort your mind and figure out a plan for the same. Perhaps, you are most likely to pick from the three popular options- steel, wood, and fiberglass.

Next, figure out the kind of door you want. Whether you are looking for a standard double door or a single door. Think if you want the doors to have windows or not. Having the windows is a great idea to ensure that the natural light enters the garage and ventilation is there. Make sure to go for insulated windows, so that your garage does not become a hot box in the summer season.

When you replace a garage door, you will also replace its hardware components. The best part is to select the automatic door that comes along with an opener. They have reserving systems and photoelectric eyes besides other safety and security features.

It is always best to call up a professional to replace your doors. Getting things done by the professionals ensures longevity, durability, and trust in the services received. Moreover, the experts are well experienced after serving hundreds of clients so far.

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05 Apr 2021

When is The Right Time to Get a New Garage Door?Revocation is fun and all, but choosing the right time is a little daunting or challenging. You have to take care of all the things that need to be done and shall not interfere too much with your lifestyle.

Installing a new garage door improves the garage or the property’s value and enhances the feel of the house. But are you aware of when to get the new door for your garage? Let’s read to know.

It’s Time for a New Garage Door

Noisy Door
If you see that the garage door is making a lot of noise when it is opened or shut, then you can figure out that it’s time for a new one. A garage door is supposed to open and close smoothly without any hassle.

Open and Shut Slowly
The garage doors are more prone to damage as they are used frequently. So, if your garage door opens and shouts too slowly, this is assigned to get a new garage door.

Lacks Security
If the garage door fails to lock securely or the security is not sufficient for you, replace it with a more reliable and better material garage door today.

To Frequent Repairs needed
When the garage door is withered and suffers a lot of wear and tear, it implies that it is high time to replace the old one with a new one that is smooth and much better than the previous one that was in constant need of repair and services.

If you are looking to renovate your house or have a new garage for yourself, you can reach out to the trusted Garage Doors Experts.

06 Feb 2021

Best Materials That You Must Consider for Your Garage DoorYour decision of another garage door ought to be deliberately thought of. A garage door should last in any event 20 years, so it isn’t something that should be replaced consistently. Yet, when the opportunity shows up to purchase a substitution, you may locate the expansive cluster of choices accessible to some degree bewildering.

Be that as it may, this decision mirrors the incredible assortment of materials and improved security and protection properties on the present market. With some essential data readily available, you can make your new garage door buy effortless. There are four materials to browse.


The most famous decision, in addition to the fact that steel gives a smooth, present-day look to a garage door, consolidates solidness with strength. It can work outwardly inside a contemporary or customary setting and is accessible in an assortment of tones. These completions can either be plastisol covering, which will give a smooth or finished non-support outside, or powder covering, a heated polyester covering with a smooth surface for outside and inside bodies.


GRP is a top-notch protecting material and has a solidarity to-weight proportion equivalent to that of steel. Its protection from climate attacks is borne out by its regular use in the yacht-building industry. Framing subtlety stands apart very well in GRP. This low-upkeep material can sufficiently set up excellent protection from robbers or miscreants and save its appealing appearance for a long time. Accessible as slide-away lifting gear or trackless shade plans.


Being a safe effect material, ABS is exceptionally hard-wearing, ideal for facing the power of delinquent vehicle guards or very much pointed footballs, and pleasantly supplements white PVC gate and window fittings. It likewise requests practically no upkeep.


Wood is the most-lovely decision. We offer marine employ and strong cedar and source these economically at whatever point conceivable. Over-top garage doors are mounted on a steel body, while side-pivot gates are entirely built from wood. Being a particularly compelling separator, wood is ideal for a carport, which is utilized as a room.

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06 Dec 2020

Garage DoorA garage door is a regularly significant speculation and a venture that doesn’t, for the most part, frequently happens. Decent quality and all-around introduced garage door can last many, numerous years, regardless of whether it is much of the time utilized, which implies that if your garage door is a decent one and appropriately introduced, try not to be hoping to trade for quite a while.

When it comes to picking the right garage door for your property, the reasons beneath are a couple of central focuses that demonstrate choosing a professional firm is consistently the best thought!

Knowledge of the Product

Some garage doors are fitted to an inclining garage as they give you more space to open the entryway, and others are less dependent on requiring a great deal of space to open, ideal for those with garages that have a considerable amount in them.

It is improbable you can honestly know the specific kind you need, or all the more critically, the sort that is generally fit to your property and your necessities. This is the place where working with the individuals who do this all day consistently is genuinely significant. You will get an answer that is ideal for your prerequisites.

Decision And Styles

You may realize you need a garage door, yet do you understand what tone or style you need? Or on the other hand, do you at any point realize what is accessible? This is where an expert organization will indeed remain over the rest, as they won’t merely have the option to provoke you what is accessible. However, it is also a decent decision relying upon your property and different fittings.

Industry Expertise

At the point when you picked an expert garage door organization like Door Expert, you are paying for this experience, as it implies they will have the option to locate the correct item for your garage and take out issues before your establishment as opposed to stress over them on the day, which means you get a much smoother and successful work, regularly in a lot more limited space of time.

We offer thorough inspections with each service call. We’ll give you the best rates in all of the GTA to meet your needs. Get in touch with us now for a free estimate for a new garage door.

08 Sep 2020

Garage DoorEven though garage doors are incredible and convenient, they are also an easy target for thieves- if they are not secured properly. And, the last thing, you would want a burglary at your house by using a garage door and get access to your home easily.

Here are some security tips you can take care of to save your house.

Hide Your opener

It will be better if you can keep your garage door opener hidden or out of sight. Often, thieves can get into the car to get the remote control for the garage door. They easily snag the remote from the car’s compartment box, as well as look in for papers that tell about your residence. Therefore, make sure that you keep your cars locked properly when you live it out in a parking lot and it will be out of your sight.

Put on a New Code

One of the most common ways to secure the door is to change the code more often. You may change the code every six months or so. Ensure to include them in your schedule. This is how you will increase the security of the garage door as well as your entire house.

Inspect the Garage Door

Make sure to inspect your door frequently. Check for gaps or cracked windows. These small entrances are easier for the burglars to find a sneaky way to enter your house. Check all the vulnerabilities your garage doors might have.

Besides these, you must install a lock and lightings. Also, you should keep it closed at all times. 

Do you need products to safeguard your garage and home? Contact Garage Door Experts today. Let the professionals handle the safety and security of your house. They carry a wide range of branded garage doors with all the security you need. Their professional and friendly team will provide you the service with efficacy.

02 Sep 2019

Garage Door You invest in a garage door with the hope that it will last for a decade. But to extend the life your door, you need to provide it with periodic maintenance. The door is a complex mechanism, and these all parts work together to make your door functional.

So, here are listed the parts of your door that requires frequent repair.

  • Springs: The springs of your overhead door has the life-cycle of 10,000 cycles of opening and closing, which is about 8 to 10 years. On the other side, the harsh weather conditions may also affect the current condition of your door.
  • Hinges: Having a modern door that trolls up into the roof of the garage instead of swinging straight up and going back lowers your efforts. But, rolling on those hinges makes it a tool that increases the risk of swapping them out sooner or later.
  • Overhead Door Openers: Garage door openers are intricate machines, and it may go lots of things wrong, primarily when you use the older model of the overhead door. The openers often make problems in opening and closing the door, so you have to remain updated on how to operate your door manually.

When your door begins to show the signs of damage or it releases the noise on operating it, then inspect it thoroughly. On detecting the issue, call us at Garage Door Expert as we provide same day, 24/7 garage door services in the GTA.

06 Aug 2019

Ideal Garage Door If you are planning to invest in a high-quality garage door, you must be looking for the one that meets your entire needs. A door is not recommended only to protect your belonging in your garage, but it also helps to enhance a curb appeal of your residential and commercial premises.

There is a wide variety of garage doors in the market, and you should consider buying the one that has the below qualities.

What Should Consider When Buying A Garage Door?

  • Energy Efficiency & Insulation

    An insulated door helps to keep the cold out during winter and prevent entering heat during summer. It means, an insulated door help to maintain an ideal temperature in your garage, which ultimately affect the utility bills.

  • Aesthetic & Safety

    Safety is undoubtedly your preference and for this, you have several options like a door equipped with photo eye-sensor, automation, access code and high-security locks. Additionally, the market has a wide range of various types of door, including the sectional, roller, wooden, aluminum and more. Thus, you can choose the one that meets your property appearance.

  • Soundproofing

    A high-quality garage door is equipped with in-build soundproofing that diminishes any noise to a bare minimum. Generally, it is advisable that if your door squeaks, it signs for repair or maintenance. So, don’t overlook the squeaking door.

At Garage Door Expert, we offer high-quality overhead door sale, installation and maintenance services to our residential and commercial clients at a reasonable cost. Feel free to contact us to buy top quality garage doors in the GTA.

12 Jul 2019

Garage DoorWhen it comes to choosing the new garage door, the level of security is the primary concern. Your garage door should have a security feature to prevent break-ins. You must choose the garage door made of top quality material that provides an improvement in the level of security offered. Here is an explanation on different door styles and their benefits in securing you.

Roller & Sectional doors

Automated roller and sectional doors don’t give intruders a clear point of entry. If you select roller door, ensure to choose the one with high-quality side rails, a steadfast locking system, strengthened top and bottom slats and made from double-skinned metal. On the other hand, the sectional doors are highly secure option because it combines lateral strength using a sturdy steel frame and an efficient seal.

Up & Over

When you choose the up and over style door, make sure you opt for the multi-point locking system and a euro cylinder anti-snap lock. Thus, you can rest with peace in your mind that your door would not be compromised if thieves attempt to drill the lock.


This door type is both practical and aesthetically pleasing, but you have to make sure to have sufficient security features installed to keep it secure. For this, choose the door with double skinned steel panels, and more than one locking mechanism to make it as safe as possible.


Boosted security is the significant benefit of automated doors. Due to the increased element of security, the automatic door is most chosen.

Now, you have an idea of how different types of garage doors play a significant role in securing you and your belongings. If you have decided which kind of garage door you want to install at your residential or commercial site, further we can help you. At Garage Door Expert in the GTA, we offer overhead door sale, inspection, installation and maintenance – all under one roof.

14 Jun 2019

An Automatic Garage DoorIf you are one among them who are planning to install the automatic overhead door, then you have landed at the right place. The automatic overhead doors are chosen for providing utmost security and easy-to-operate features.

Here you will learn everything from the reasons why install an automatic garage door to your responsibilities to keep it running smoothly.

Why Automatic Garage Door?

An automatic garage door includes several things like entry via keypad code, telephone or other emergency features that have reduced the use of your strength to open a door.

Choosing The Right Gate Equipment

Select the right equipment for your automatic gate, which you feel is comfortable. For example, the telephone entry system allows visitors to call to get access. The RFID reader is much more convenient to get automated gate entry. In addition to this, the keypads are to facilitate frequent visitors.

Plans For Emergencies

Always be ready for the emergency by installing the safety features to your automatic door. It is about the battery back-up that makes sure your automatic gate remain in working condition even during the power outage.

Your Responsibilities

Always remember to give you door periodic maintenance and Avoid DIY repair to extend its life.

How To Choose The Right Garage Door?

As the automatic garage doors come with several features if you find it challenging to choose the right door, consult with professionals. The experts can help you in selecting the right door that suits your budget and security needs.

So, feel free to reach us at Garage Door Expert in the GTA to get overhead door sale, inspection, installation and maintenance – all under one roof.

06 May 2019

Garage DoorYour garage door holds a lot of importance for you as it stores your vehicle and belongings. So, buying an overhead door that suits your requirements will be a wise decision. Unfortunately, people consider only for their budget while if you buy a high-quality garage door, it can last for up to 15 to 30 years and prevents a costly repair.

The other myths which affect your garage door buying decision are as given below with correct explanation.

  • Garage Doors Hardly Have Any Difference
    This is not true because all garage doors are built of different material and have distinct features. Due to their characteristics, functionality, material and quality, their prices are different.
  • All Garage Doors Are Loud
    Not true, it depends on the material and maintenance of your door. Over time, your door may make noise which may be due to dry spring. You can lubricate it and make it working as it is.
  • No Need For Garage Door Maintenance
    Every garage door requires periodic maintenance that prevents earlier damage and extends the life of your door. But, you can choose the low maintenance door.
  • The Manual Garage Door Is Preferred Than An Automatic Door
    Both garage door types have their benefits. Its all depend on your requirement and ease of operating a door.
  • All Garage Door Companies Work In The Same Way
    Never, every company differently offer the repair and replacement of the garage doors. They could be distinct in the price and quality of the services.

Need Professionals’ Help

Still, if you have any doubt then consult with the professionals who can help you in buying the right type of door.

At Garage Door Expert, we provide sale, installation, repair and maintenance of a garage door to our residential and commercial clients. Let us assist you in choosing the right garage door.